Julie Mack, CLS-F


“Family law is not about winning a legal battle – it’s about ending the conflict, finding workable solutions and reconnecting the pieces of your life in a way that allows you to build a new future.”

– Julie Mack, CLS-F

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Julie’s Approach

Julie’s work is to guide you in unraveling your conflict and generating options, so you can visualize new, very freeing possibilities for yourself. Her approach leverages her profound gift to stay neutral, to see all the pieces of your divorce puzzle and make the connections others just cannot see.

Julie believes that all divorces have the potential to be contentious. It is the attorney’s job to be able to manage the conflict and reduce it so the parties are able to make rational and reasonable decisions to move forward. She does not take on your emotion, so she can see a full 360 degrees of all the intricacies in the connections and the potential to open up more options for you.

You will experience a team approach of goal setting, case strategy and case management based on your individual needs and circumstances as she and her team work to:

  • Minimize and neutralize conflict to keep you focused on your path to a new life,
  • Tailor the case to your unique, individual needs,
  • Utilize need-based negotiations vs. interest-based negotiations,
  • Ensure your process addresses more than just the law,
  • Honestly face the reality of the decisions that must be made,
  • Creatively find options for resolution, and
  • Weigh the strengths and vulnerabilities of each option.

As a former social services worker, Julie appreciates clients’ needs for solid communication, strong advocacy, emotional support and efficient case management. All driving principles of her approach and team work ethics.

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Experience and Qualifications

Julie has a unique ability to recognize what pieces need to be woven together and how to weave them to get a good resolution for all involved. That comes from over 18 years of exclusive family law experience working on more than 1,500 client cases and matters. She especially enjoys working with complex financial, business and property issues.

In all types of family law matters (i.e., mediation, litigation, collaborative, consulting, agreements), Julie is a master at weaving connections that create possibilities for people to see their lives for what they can be.

In 2010, Julie was certified as a Family Law Legal Specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. Her path has included graduating Magna Cum Laude from California Western School of Law in 1996 and joining the firm in 1997 as an associate attorney, becoming partner in 2006. Among her academic achievements, Ms. Mack received several American Jurisprudence Awards in law school and is a published writer.

Giving Back to Community

This altruistic spirit is also evident in Julie, who has volunteered at the YWCA legal clinic and Legal Aid during her years in law school where she gained valuable experience working with domestic violence victims. Mack combines her background in social work with her career as a family lawyer. “I have the best of both worlds here,” says Mack. “I get to work on a one-on-one basis with my clients, so I actually see my work pay off with tangible results.”

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What Julie’s Clients Are Saying

  • “The single most important decision I made in the process was selecting a brilliant measured attorney that completely understands the law, family courts, and how to work collectively within the ecosystem of the emotional, financial, and personal issues surrounding the dissolution of a marriage. An attorney philosophically committed to my success in strategically developing systems, communication, and behaviors, which are now the foundation of my life as a single father of three spoiled children. An attorney protecting my interests completely detached from the minutia that distracts, derails, and negatively defines most divorces. An attorney that manages to outcomes, elegantly disciplined. Julie Mack of Brave, Weber, & Mack is my attorney.”
    Martin G., Father of 3
  • “Julie has been our lawyer for nearly a decade after we had a bad first-time experience with another family law attorney. She is very fair and very understanding. She takes her clients’ matters to heart as does her staff. Her goal is in the best interest of the children, which is what a GOOD family law attorney strives for. After we moved up to Riverside County, we were going to transfer the child custody case up there but decided against it just so we could retain her services in San Diego.”

  • “Going through a divorce is never easy, so you need to ensure you have the best support network to help you through it – and that certainly includes your legal team. Julie Mack and Jodie Delimitros of Brave, Weber & Mack not only provided good legal counsel, they were truly there for me throughout the process. I absolutely plan on working with them again when I need to go back to petition the court. For those who want to work with people who are thoughtful, direct and honest in approach and can help you strategize for the best, most fair outcome, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Julie and Jodie.”

    Michelle C.
  • “Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least after 21 years of marriage and 5 children that are now going to be impacted by this major life decision. Julie Mack made this life transition as smooth as anything of this nature could go. Julie is great. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Julie is calm, direct and makes wise, well thought out decisions regarding your well being. I would highly recommend Julie Mack as your family law attorney. As a bonus, you will also be working with her paralegal Jodie Delimitros. Jodi is upbeat, positive and a pleasure to work with during this extremely emotional time in your life.”

    Kim H.

Get To Know Julie’s Team

Forming a legal team that is an extension of the lead counsel has been one of Julie’s foremost priorities. She has selected individuals who believe in her approach to family law situations, who naturally operate from a similar philosophy and who understand their role in the legal team construct that is so pivotal for clients.

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