As Needed Support When
You Choose.

Hiring a family law consultant is perfect for those who just need a little help here and there or another pair of eyes on an almost complete legal document.

What is Family Law Consulting

In family law, sometimes you may only need occasional legal advice or a professional to review legal documents. This is where a family law consultant comes into play. All of the attorneys at Julie Mack & Associates are extremely well-versed in providing consulting for clients, and believe that using a consulting attorney is a great way to manage your costs.

By negotiating the majority of the terms of your agreement on your own, but using a consulting attorney to ensure that your strategy is the best it can be, you are reducing the risk of unforeseen mishaps. From offering strategies you may not have considered to giving an agreement a final review, a consulting family law attorney is a great resource. You can drastically reduce unforeseen mishaps throughout the pendency of your case that only a seasoned family law attorney would know how to avoid.