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In divorce mediation, a neutral third party, called a mediator, sits down with you and your spouse to try to help you resolve all of the issues in your divorce. The mediator doesn’t make any decisions; that part of the process is up to you and your spouse. Instead, the mediator helps you communicate with each other until you can come to an agreement.

The mediation process does not rely on trust, but rather on principles of good business. Most people can resolve even difficult and complex disputes if they are given the opportunity, a clear procedure and the help of a mediator. Even people who are angry and frustrated can successfully negotiate and reach a mutually satisfactory settlement.

What to Expect From the Mediation Process

You and your spouse will meet with one of our mediators (and when appropriate, with your attorneys) to assure that everyone has the same understanding of the mediation process. We will glean the basic facts and clarify the issues of the dispute.

Our mediator will then facilitate the negotiation with your spouse, considering available options and their respective advantages and risks. Sometimes our mediator may request the opportunity to meet separately with each of you to consider your individual interests and perspectives.

When the issues have been decided, our mediator will prepare a written memorandum that confirms your agreement. The agreement can be reviewed by attorneys or other professionals for terms and content. Should you desire, we can prepare a marital settlement agreement and all the papers necessary to finalize your divorce. The terms of your agreement, once processed and filed by the Court, would become court orders.

Mediation Benefits

Mediation is a constructive means for many couples to manage and resolve difficult family law and divorce issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. Perhaps most importantly, mediation allows participants to maintain maximum control over decisions that will likely affect them and their children for many years to come. Mediation offers the following benefits:

  • No Pressure: Neither you nor your spouse will feel pressured during mediation.
  • Safe: Neither you nor your spouse can compromise or lose any legal interest or right during mediation.
  • Sensible: Mediation is an informal and sensible way to negotiate.
  • Cost-effective and Quick: A mediated agreement usually costs less and takes less time because the parties are doing the negotiating, not the lawyers.
  • Higher Success Rate: What’s more, studies show that people are more likely to live up to agreements they have negotiated, rather than those done for them by others or decided by a judge.